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Justin “The Art Guy”

Over the last while, as I’m sure you know, we have changes in terms of art style. That was down to changes in artist. Recently, we have brought on Justin. He is now the Art MASTER. He’s going to be our new lead artist and will in charge of the art direction of the game. Since Justin has been brought on board over the last few weeks, we’ve been working on getting him up to scratch with the style and re-doing some basic animations. We’re hoping to have something of value to show to you all over the next while.


Story & Dialogue

In other news, we have also made great progress in terms of dialogue and story writing. If you’re following us over on Twitter ( you will have noticed that we have recently added a new “narrator” position to the game. His job will be to fill in the story for the player, also to add some sort of “comic relief” to the game. The style we’re going for is similar to Deadpool, 4th wall break, random rants etc. All the story and dialogue is being put on hold while we work on getting the playable demo out to the public. We want to have at least the first level fully working to send out for testing and get feedback on what people think. So stay tuned for that, we hope to have that send out over the next month or so.


I think that’s about it, at the very least that’s all we have solid to talk about. If you have any questions or would like to find out more about us. You can reach us on Twitter or sign up for our mailing list (you can do this on the site). Stay busy dev’s!





Ph.D. in field of Materials Science & Engineering. Motivated by the love of video games and creative thoughts of game concepts, he devoted to making games by learning programming, animation, VFX and etc by his own.He is currently the programmer of the team.
Paul is the mastermind behind this endeavor we call BlindFold Studios. He is the CEO and Lead Programmer of our team, as well as the one who took the rest of us under his loving wing with the hope of creating the next hard-hitting titles.
Louis is the artistic and design talent behind Blindfold Studios. He is constantly dreaming up new characters, stories and mechanics that are both enjoyable and evocative. Like the rest of us, he has a passion for 2D games.
Evan is the kind of guy who always walks around with microphones and headphones trying to record sounds for our games. He lives and breathes sound and is the one behind our games' music and sound design. Whenever we think of sound material he is always the one to come to mind.
Justin is our Southern Californian pixel wizard. Pixels are his life. He helps breathe digital life into our ideas and illustrate our adventures. He is hoping to bring new worlds to your screen and can't wait to share what he's been working on for us.
Andréas is a game artist and hardcore gamer from northern Sweden. Some say that he has been addicted to video games since he was a kid, some say he's an alien. What we do know is he's a kick ass pixel artist!
Kaellie is a Visual Developer located in Southern California and Level designer for the studio. She is invested in bringing engaging and unforgettable worlds to life, she's so excited for you to be able to live the experiences that we are crafting!