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We have been pretty quite on the blog front, apologies for that. (If you want to stay up to date, go follow us on twitter, @BlindFoldStudio ). But as every other person in this industry, “We’ve been busy”. We aren’t complaining, it’s great, it’s why we’re in this industry. We’re super excited about the project’s we’re working. Let me explain.

Just in case this your first time reading our blog (Welcome!), recently we’ve been signed up to a program called Legends of Learning. Legends of Learning (LoL, for short), is a program created to allow students and teacher play games that are fun and also educational. Of course, to get these game’s built they have recruited game developers. That’s where we come in! We applied and gladly were allowed in. (We talked about this in our previous blog post, have a look if your interested., you’ll find it there!). So, now that you’re all caught up, we can talk about what we’ve been dong over the last few weeks.

Of course, as common sense would dictate we’ve been designing and getting some core functionality down for our game. I’m not too sure about how much we can say, but what I can tell you is that the ‘Learning Objective’ that we have chosen is “Gravity and the birth of our solar system“. The design that we have gone with is a quiz type game with mini games in between to keep the user interested and that also gives us time to reinforce any information that we have introduced in the initial quiz type thingy (very specific). Again, I’m not too sure on what we can tell you, and the only reason I say that is because we don’t even know yet what we’re fully doing. We have an idea, but other than that – who knows.

Apart from LoL, we’ve been hard at work on our next title that we have codenamed “Canary Chronicles” for now (we have also written a blog post about it… I feel like I’ve said that before – Déjà vu?). Anyway, yes, hard at work on Canary Chronicles. We’ll be posting more about that when we can.

Not only have the design team been designing over the last while, but so have I. Something I’ve started doing over the last while is, in the morning I’ll sit down for a half an hour or so and just write. About anything and everything, it helps to “unclog” your mind off all the crap floating around and sometimes you actually get some good game ideas at the end of the session.That has actually been super effective and it’s quite enjoyable too. Thank you Tim Schafer for the idea.

I think that’s everything… to recap, we’ve been working on both Canary Chronicles and our LoL game simultaneoulsy. I’ve been designing and looking like a mad man scribbling down on a piece of paper. That about sum’s up the last few weeks of my life. By the way, Merry Christmas (little bit late) and a Happy New Year from us at BlindFold Studios.

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Ph.D. in field of Materials Science & Engineering. Motivated by the love of video games and creative thoughts of game concepts, he devoted to making games by learning programming, animation, VFX and etc by his own.He is currently the programmer of the team.
Paul is the mastermind behind this endeavor we call BlindFold Studios. He is the CEO and Lead Programmer of our team, as well as the one who took the rest of us under his loving wing with the hope of creating the next hard-hitting titles.
Louis is the artistic and design talent behind Blindfold Studios. He is constantly dreaming up new characters, stories and mechanics that are both enjoyable and evocative. Like the rest of us, he has a passion for 2D games.
Evan is the kind of guy who always walks around with microphones and headphones trying to record sounds for our games. He lives and breathes sound and is the one behind our games' music and sound design. Whenever we think of sound material he is always the one to come to mind.
Justin is our Southern Californian pixel wizard. Pixels are his life. He helps breathe digital life into our ideas and illustrate our adventures. He is hoping to bring new worlds to your screen and can't wait to share what he's been working on for us.
Andréas is a game artist and hardcore gamer from northern Sweden. Some say that he has been addicted to video games since he was a kid, some say he's an alien. What we do know is he's a kick ass pixel artist!
Kaellie is a Visual Developer located in Southern California and Level designer for the studio. She is invested in bringing engaging and unforgettable worlds to life, she's so excited for you to be able to live the experiences that we are crafting!